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All-In-One Tender Services

Company Registration, Company Documents, Tax Clearances, Consultation, Job Costings, Planning and Forecasts

All-In-One Base Pack

R2 650

once off

Base pack includes:

  • Company name reservation
  • Company registration
  • Company documents
  • BBBEE affidavit
  • Tax clearance PIN.
  • 1 Hour consultation to determine tender requirements
  • Basic costing discussion

Tax clearance PIN requires client to appoint company representative in order to have profile loaded with SARS.

Mid Tier Solution

R5 250

once off

Pack includes:

  • Base pack
  • Infrastructure requirement identification
  • HR (Human Resources) requirement identification
  • Basic forecasting to determine SARS requirements 
  • Basic tax discussions


We can recommend the BASE PACK to those individuals that have a standing relationship with an existing accountant and do NOT require a tender specialist to monitor business activities and make recommendations to streamline operations.

We recommend the MID TIER SOLUTION to those individuals that will require help with document preparation, forecasts and infrastructure setup.

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Ongoing Assistance

Apart from the above packages we also offer an ongoing service that includes the following full function services:

  1. Monthly bookkeeping
  2. Monthly accounting
  3. SARS submissions (VAT and EMP)
  4. Reconciliations
  5. Staff contracts
  6. Payroll
  7. Costing
  8. Cash flow projections

You can choose which services you prefer (if not all of it) and a reasonable monthly retainer can be calculated.

The contract will run for the duration of your tender and a new contract can be adopted should you add more tenders to your existing ones.

We have specialized experience in tender procurement, management and planning

We offer a turn-key solution to any person / persons that wishes to get into tender procurement.  We will take care of all your administrative needs, provide you with timelines and estimates of when certain requirements needs to be met and walk the distance with you.


A crucial step in the process.  We will lay out timelines, requirements, help with costing and allow for cash flow forecasting

Data Management

Once you are operational we will manage your financial reporting, track requirements for additional SARS tax registrations and make sure all applicable deadlines are met.

Growth and Tax Management

We track your financial situation, provide you with cash flow and tax liability estimates and the due dates by which it all needs to be settled.  We focus on keeping your business’ tax clearance status in the green so you never miss a payment from your client. 

Analyze Financial Data

From the moment you wish to convert your expertise into a lucrative tender bid until you start receiving your first income in the business (and beyond) we keep an eye on your financial matters.  Click below to read more on the pitfalls involved.

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