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Professional Bookkeeping Services in Cape Town

Let us assume you landed on this page because you needed a bookkeeper in Milnerton.  Even though you narrowed your search to just one town, you are still drowning in possible candidates that can take care of your bookkeeping function.  Who do you choose?  Tricky…

Who do you trust with your bookkeeping function?

When you entrust your financial matters to anyone it needs to be with someone that will be around 5 years from now…even ten years from now.  You need to be able to have frank discussions about your transactions and possible pitfalls you encountered while feeling secure in the knowledge that everything you do will always be treated as highly confidential.  You also need someone that does not take shortcuts in completing your work.  Someone that knows what they are doing, asks the relevant questions and produces the numbers you need to make informed decisions. 

AGBS is that bookkeeping service provider – and we service the entire Cape Town and surrounding areas.

What is the difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Let us be 100% clear.  Often accountants do not draw a line between bookkeeping and accounting services.  And it is a real shame.  It causes business owners to believe that there is no difference between the two, when there is a noticeably clear divide. 

Bookkeeping is essentially the first step in the entire accounting process.  It is the mechanism by which we record your day-to-day transactions from your bank statements, filed invoices, etc.  The way you do business impacts on the type of source documents that will be required to complete this process.  And only experienced bookkeepers will have the know-how to ask the right questions up front to ensure that the correct source documents are used from the start.  The last thing you need is for work to be redone because of some additional information that comes to light down the line.

Accounting, however, is the mechanism by which we make sense of the work done during the bookkeeping process.  This is done by extrapolating figures, summarizing them, allocating them to their correct groups and ultimately ending up as financial statements.  We do this as well, but this is not what this page is about.

How frequently would you need a bookkeeping service?

This is completely up to the business owner.  In a lot of cases business owners with low turnover tend to know what they have done in the way sales, whether they made a profit or not, what they have spent on overhead expenses, etc.  They will require a bookkeeping service once a year right before financial statements needs to be produced.  Most of our bookkeeping clients requires a monthly bookkeeping service.  There can be many reasons for this, but mostly it is because of their turnover (sales), accounts receivable (debtors), accounts payable (suppliers), their inability to manage their cash flow effectively without having accurate figures in front of them and their need to manage their overhead expenses before it gets out of hand.

They may also have statutory requirements such as VAT and EMP201 

Once they secured their bank statements and compiled their sales invoices, we will receive it from them and start the process of capturing.  On average this process takes between 3 and 10 hours every month and the time spent is linked to the amount of transactions that needs to be captured.

One of our biggest sellers is our Bookkeeping Service for Small Business.  Its our way of creating the divide between bookkeeping and accounting, while keeping the bookkeeping discounted and not connected at all to our accounting service fees.

Will bookkeeping fees be expensive?

For the value-added service you will be receiving from AGBS our bookkeeping rates will be hard to beat.  The reason most of our clients has been with us for so long is because they are paying us at least 50% less than what they would need to pay a moderately experienced bookkeeper on their payroll.

If you are looking for a bookkeeper in Cape Town, or an accountant in Milnerton, you can stop searching.

Not only do we provide the most cost-effective bookkeeping service around, but we are available for you when you need accountancy services, payroll services and/or tax services.

Payroll Service Cape Town

With a growing business you may have the need to employ some people in the future.  Or maybe you already have, but the monthly payroll service requirements have become a time drain on you.

As part of our monthly bookkeeping service we can also attach a payroll function to it for a reduced fee.

Get in-touch with us today by calling us on 078 457 1188 for a free telephonic needs assessment or fill in the form below.